About 41 North

Not your usual property management company.
Park city propoerty maintenance and care

While we may be a small property management company, we are fully licensed and insured, do not ‘cut corners’, and, as a rule, accept only as many clients as we are capable of serving to our high standards.  With us, you will always deal directly with an owner who cares about and focuses on your needs.  41 North is not an impersonal property management company; we answer only to our clients, and every member of our staff is especially talented, passionate, and dedicated to providing that client quality service on a first name basis.

Park City property management by Park City locals

We all live in Park City, and this is the only region to which we provide property care.  We know the area and its people, the businesses, and the best of the best in various trades and lines of work.  We are fair and focused on our community – this is, after all, our home as well as yours.

As locals, we can take the time to reach out and meet people who play key roles in your property such as your HOA and neighbors.  We have a general contractor available if ever needed, and we conduct annual walkthroughs of each property to review for upkeep and preventive maintenance.  We are not in the business of selling or providing unnecessary services; instead, we believe in providing you, our client, with the best information and options available, which in turn allows you to make the best decisions.  In the end, it is not our role to spend your money but rather to find ways to help you save it, all while you relax and enjoy the quality and integrity of our work.

Dedication to customer service

We have walked in your shoes and know firsthand the challenges and rewards of managing both a residential home and rental property.  Over the years, we have managed and overseen an array of properties and facilities as a profession, and our combined experience provides us a unique skill set for our work.  We focus on customer service, great quality, follow through, and problem solving without shortcuts.

Trust and protect your investment

Trusting us to manage and care for your property is a responsibility that we take seriously.  The size of your property is not an issue; our client's properties range from 1-bedroom condos to sizeable homes.  Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.  We fully understand that your property in Park City is very important to you for your enjoyment, sense of home, revenue flow, and protecting the significant investment you have in it is our utmost concern.

In helping manage your property or business, we approach our work with a philosophy of "how about right now?" in resolving problems or concerns.  However, our property management policies aim to prevent problems or issues the best we can beforehand.  To maintain lower operating cost (which we pass on to you, our customer), we do not employ our own housekeeping staff, technicians, or specialists.  Instead, we work with the best local providers or ones you may have already chosen and use. That means that you pay only for what you need and use ...no inflated costs to cover standby time.