Why 41 North

What makes 41 North different from other property management companies?
41 North property management

We take pride in being an intentionally small property management company, and our size allows us to offer you many benefits that the ‘big guys’ cannot.  We are locals and are therefore close by and available for any on-call needs, and we promote flexibility in customizing the property management services for each client; there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all or picking from choices A, B, or C in our business.  This philosophy allows us to meet individual needs and address unplanned events while allocating the time and resources to do the work right, the first time.  Our lower overhead serves all with an aim for quality and high satisfaction at a value price model, rather than other property management companies who try to build their organizations bigger and bigger (all while incurring an overhead cost that is ultimately paid for by the customer). 

It’s true, we may seem a bit more informal than others in our approach, but there is nothing casual about how we do business: we bring initiative, care, and sense of responsibility to every single job while being detail oriented throughout every task.

Experience the 41North difference:

  • Fair, honest, value-based property management pricing
  • Reliability (we always show up when we say we will – that’s a promise)
  • Clear communication
  • A local’s ‘inside view’
  • A custom-tailored package of the property management services you need, not the ones you don’t

The 41North Difference - in Numbers
Let’s compare and see what exactly our claim to be ‘value-based’ means.  On average, our fees are approximately 40% to 50% below the ‘big guys’, those giant property management firms.  We have a low overhead, small staffing, and no large offices or lounges, saving us loads in operating costs; savings which we happily pass along to our clients.

For example, with 41North, the fees for Park City residents’ property management services start as low as $100 per week with most in the $150 range, but never go higher than $200 (not including pet care).  Compare that to most other companies, which charge $40 to $50 a day - or more.

When looking at rates for vacation rental management, the difference is even more noticeable.  In real dollar amounts:

  • A five-day stay at $250 per night would earn you, the owner, $1250.  Our fee would be $245.  That’s 19%, as opposed to more than 40%, which is what the mainstream big guys charge.
  • A weeklong stay at $200 per night would earn you $1400. Our fee would be $255, or 20.3%.
  • A 4-day stay at $325 per night would earn you $1350.  Our fee would be $280, or 21%.

These are huge differences!  At 41North, it is our mission to help you save your money, not spend it.  Again, it is our low overhead, integrity, and experience that allow us to pass along these financial benefits to you, the homeowner.  Call us today and experience the 41 North difference.